ISIS Forms New Female Squad to Carry Out Bombings Because They are Running Out of Children to Use

by Cassy Fiano | October 27, 2015 12:40 pm

ISIS continues to show that they are truly evil. Having exhausted their supply of children and teenagers to use as suicide bombers, ISIS is now recruiting women instead.

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The brutal jihadi group ISIS have become so desperate for suicide bombers, they have now started to train up an all-women battalion of bombers in Syria.

Activists from the human rights group ‘Syria is being Slaughtered Silently’ claim that sources inside the ISIS held city of Raqqa learnt the jihadis have turned to women to carry out training for deadly attacks.

An Egyptian woman was offered her a large amount of money and the promise to ‘go to your husband in heaven’ if she became a ISIS suicide bomber.

… Due to the value of foreign women in ISIS held territory, the jihadi group have been targeting Arab women to make up the new suicide battalion, having run low of teenagers.

… ‘The conversation of this woman started to evolve trying to convince me to join ISIS , but what more surprised me was that she asked me to join a new women battalion of ISIS and their mission is not to fight , but to carry out a suicidal operations being the enemy of ISIS,’ she said.

‘They (the enemy) won’t expect that a woman would do such an operation,’ Farah was told.

The ISIS recruiter also told Farah that the jihadi group would ‘take care of her family after her death and will give the a large sum of money before the implementation of the operation.’

‘Alkhansa’a battalion has a bad reputation among the civilians, and it is a nightmare for the women in Raqqa city as a result for the practices they do to provoke people for personal reasons,’ activist Abu Mohammed wrote.

The activist claimed that some of the women who joined al-Khansaa battalion used to work in prostitution before the arrival of ISIS and ‘joined to get high salaries’ or avoid being stoned.

The female suicide squad suggests ISIS’s fears for its defence of the city of Raqqa with an large forthcoming Kurdish-led offensive expected soon.

Of course the men of ISIS are too cowardly to be suicide bombers themselves. That’s not surprising in the least, that these men who pretend to be so tough are actually hiding behind the skirts of women.

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