JV Team Has Plans To Kill Jewish Children

Yet, liberals are worried about bathrooms for gender confused people

(Daily Caller) ISIS is now planning to kill Jewish children in Turkish schools, kindergartens, and youth centers.

Sky News reports it was told by a source, “this is a more than credible threat. This is an active plot.” He added, “in light of these circumstances, extraordinary security measures are being taken above and beyond the high alert level already in place by the Turkish police, as well as vigilance within the Jewish community.”

Last week it was reported that ISIS has trained 400 soldiers to strike Europe in waves.

I’m sure it’s time for another round of “stop blaming Muslims” and “let’s find some Muslims who are concerned about people saying mean things about them” from the media and leftists. Meanwhile, the NY Times has an interesting article about the infiltration of Belgium and Europe long before the Brussels attack

Mr. Hame was sent out by a body inside the Islamic State that was obsessed with striking Europe for at least two years before the deadly assaults in Paris last November and in Brussels this month. In that time, the group dispatched a string of operatives trained in Syria, aiming to carry out small attacks meant to test and stretch Europe’s security apparatus even as the most deadly assaults were in the works, according to court proceedings, interrogation transcripts and records of European wiretaps obtained by The New York Times.

Officials now say the signs of this focused terrorist machine were readable in Europe as far back as early 2014. Yet local authorities repeatedly discounted each successive plot, describing them as isolated or random acts, the connection to the Islamic State either overlooked or played down.

It’s a long, long article about the missed clues and infiltration of Europe by Islamists as part of ISIS, as well as all the attacks, most of them small, often on just one or two people. When you put all the clues and attacks together, one gets the big picture of the “JV team” engaging in a concerted effort to kill Westerners. One has to wonder about attacks here in the United States. How many are linked to ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, and what we will see when all those clues and attacks are put together. What of all the “lone wolf” attacks, which the media and liberals explain away as being not linked to Islamists? Will they finally catch a clue, or will they continue defending the Islamists?

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