Little Girl HEARTLESSLY Murdered By ISIS Brings Hardened Soldier To TEARS After He Discovers…[PICTURES] [VIDEO]

Little Girl HEARTLESSLY Murdered By ISIS Brings Hardened Soldier To TEARS After He Discovers…[PICTURES] [VIDEO]



Iraq is being destroyed by the horrors of ISIS. Recently, the heartbreaking photographs were taken of the aftermath of ISIS soldiers destroying an area and murdering small children and women. They were covered in a shallow grave. The photographs are powerful and heartbreaking. Perhaps the most important thing we can do is share this reality with the world. We cannot allow the horrors of this extremist group to remain unknown and unnoticed.


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This photograph shows the body of a tiny little girl who was found in the mass grave. Her body is one of 24 just like it. Most of the bodies found were female children. The victims of this fight are not adults, they are not men, they are children and innocents. In fact, the mass grave found by these Iraqi soldiers was made up almost completely of children.


This photograph shows an Iraqi soldier in complete shock over the tragedy of the scene before him. Even hardened soldiers cannot comprehend the atrocities committed by ISIS on a regular basis.

Federal Police Major General Haidar Dhirgham spoke out about the attack. ‘We will liberate civilians before liberating the land.’ We will take them out of the neighbourhoods, if we have their consent. If they would like to flee to an area in the back flanks or if we could secure them within their neighbourhoods, we will secure them in their homes.’

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