Man in New Jersey Pledges Allegiance to ISIS, Stabs ‘Unclean’ Dog

Man in New Jersey Pledges Allegiance to ISIS, Stabs ‘Unclean’ Dog

A Pleasant Point, New Jersey man is facing federal charges after declaring his support for foreign terror organization ISIS and stabbing and threatening to kill his family dog.

Gregory Lepsky, 20, explained that his recent conversion to Islam deemed the dog “unclean.” According to the complaint, he exited his house bloody and while paramedics were treating him, he received a phone call. During the call, he ranted about how the dog was “unclean” and threatened to kill his mother as well.

Seems like a mentally stable human being, right?

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Police found the dog in the house, having been stabbed with a 12-inch blade. It was thankfully still alive

Lepsky also claimed to have “joined ISIS” and upon seizure of his cell phone, police found that it had the black ISIS flag as its background.

After being taken to the hospital for further treatment (why bother?), the crazed wanna-be Jihadist continued his strange ramblings, telling the staff that his name was “Allah Abdel Rochman” and explaining that he plans to set off a pressure cooker bomb similar if not identical to the one used during the Boston Marathon bombing. During their inspection of his apartment, police found an unused pressure cooker and ISIS propaganda.

According to the police, Lepsky discussed his conversion to Islam with a Facebook friend. From Breitbart:

In response to a Facebook friend’s query, “[L]ol Greg was [sic] up where you at?” Lepsky is alleged to have responded, “I converted to Islam recently and decided im going to Syria to help my brothers fight the kuffar … if u are a Muslim u should come inshaAllah … Allah will guide you … please listen to me and fight the kuffar. Defend the honor of Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.”

Lepsky is facing up to 20 years in prison, according to a press release from the DOJ.

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