VIDEO: Brainwashed CHILDREN Murder Prisoners in Evil new ISIS Film

VIDEO: Brainwashed CHILDREN Murder Prisoners in Evil new ISIS Film

If you thought ISIS couldn’t possibly get any more evil, they’re here to prove you wrong.

In a new video published online, the “cubs of the caliphate” can be seen screaming into the camera before murdering two “spies.” Another scene shows adult Jihadists shooting three prisoners in a clearing.

The Islamic extremists in ISIS have brainwashed young boys to believe in the hateful ideology that drives them to murder and rape innocent people in the name of their religion.

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Disturbing footage shows the children ranting into the camera, while roughly pulling on the heads of the terrified men in orange jumpsuits in front of them. Once the youngest child is finished with his speech, the kids pull out handguns and execute the prisoners.

Another scene shows adult ISIS members standing in a clearing with three prisoners wearing the tell-tale orange jumpsuits. These men were also executed before the end of the video.

You can see the video here, but I would like to put a serious warning on it. If you are sensitive to graphic material, you are not going to want to watch this. Certainly don’t play this with children around. There is no footage of the actual murders, but it’s still hard to watch.

The fact that these monsters are recruiting children and forcing them to kill for shock value is nothing short of evil. The Devil himself couldn’t have come up with a more horrifying plan.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of enemy that we’re dealing with; one who holds nothing sacred, save for their religion. I mean, who could look at their child (or any child for that matter) and think “I’d be perfectly okay putting a gun in the hand of this child and watching them shoot someone?” And liberals honestly think that fixing climate change, giving them jobs and “loving” them is going to make them less evil?

Come on.

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