VIDEO: ISIS hides vehicle in trees and something goes BOOM!

VIDEO: ISIS hides vehicle in trees and something goes BOOM!

This is an airstrike that took place last July, but it is just cool to watch. ISIS tried to hide their armored vehicles in the trees and Brimstone missiles made them go boom! It’s awesome to watch. Unfortunately, we seem to lack the will to do this all over the place where ISIS is hid out. Pity. These were British Tornados who used Brimstone missiles to take out the Jihadists. ISIS fighters had attempted to hide a T-55 tank and an armed truck in the trees, but they didn’t do a very good job of it because the pilot of the Tornado immediately spotted them. The blast was delivered by an RAF Reaper drone. This is your feel good video of the day.


From the Conservative Tribune:

As Western powers have increased their airstrikes against Islamic State group militants in Iraq and Syria, a number of amazing videos have circulated the Internet showing the awesome power of the various air forces that are attacking.

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The caption to the video stated that the planes that carried out the airstrike were British Tornados using Brimstone missiles to take out the targets.

The missile reduced the armored vehicles to burning wrecks. This hurts because ISIS is not flush with such vehicles. Much of the Islamic State group’s weaponry comes from the Syrian and Iraqi armies, which fled in the face of the terror group’s fighters instead of fighting to stop them. These armies left lots of equipment behind — equipment which has allowed the terror group to expand its territorial gains with relative ease. ISIS has a mix of antiquated Soviet-era weaponry along with state-of-the-art American-made vehicles and weapons. This combination of weapons has proven to be too great a force for most opponents on the battlefield. But when the West actually goes after them with their superior air power, ISIS is no match for them. Here’s to hoping there are many more such incidents in ISIS’ explosive future.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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