VIDEO: Watch as a Prisoner Goes “Jason Bourne” on Jihadis, Steals AK-47 & Evens the Odds

VIDEO: Watch as a Prisoner Goes “Jason Bourne” on Jihadis, Steals AK-47 & Evens the Odds

Spectacular footage has surfaced of a condemned hostage seemingly headbutting his ISIS captor and picking up his assault rifle to fight them – only moments before he was about to be shot in the back of the head with two other prisoners.

The Video is reported to have been captured in Afghanistan and shows three men with their hands tied behind their backs being ordered to kneel in front of a man who was holding what looked to be an assault rifle.


But seconds before they are due to be executed in cold blood, one of the prisoners leaps up and seems to head butt one of the extremists, which causes him to drop his rifle and fall back into the sand.

The film isn’t good quality, in fact it’s as grainy as they come, but it appears to show the prisoner grabbing the guard’s weapon before the sound of gunshots start to go off.

In the disarray, the camera is dropped on the ground so that all the viewer can see is sand and it is not known for certain whether the prisoner or any of his fellow captives were actually able to escape their captors… But the gun shots continue to sound off.

According to The Sun, there are assertions online that the film is a fabricated scene or that the dramatic escape was somehow staged.

The Islamists in the film are thought to be speaking Pashtun, a language used in Afghanistan. Online reports suggest that the three captives were indeed prisoners of ISIS.

Afghanistan has seen skirmishes between government forces and Islamist militants – chiefly Taliban insurgents, but also ISIS fighters – reach insane levels this year following the 2014 withdrawal of US-led foreign combat troops.

This video is amazing! I hope that it’s real and that these barbarians were taken out by their own prisoner.

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