Yemen Boy Locked In Cage, Set On Fire In Apparent ISIS Imitation

by William Teach | March 5, 2015 7:09 am

Fortunately, this had a better outcome than for the Jordanian pilot

(UK Daily Mail[1]) A group of children in Yemen have attempted to burn a 10-year-old boy to death after first locking him in a cage in a shocking imitation of the Islamic State’s murder of a Jordanian pilot.

As many as seven boys are believed to have attacked the as-yet unnamed victim in Al Dahthath village in the country’s northern Ibb province.

The defenceless child was then locked in a wooden cage and had petrol poured over his body before being set alight. Thankfully a group of locals spotted the attack and managed to save the boy’s life, although he was still left with horrific burn injuries on his legs.

Local journalist Mohammad Mouzahem was told about the attack and posted details of it on his Facebook page, according to Gulf News.

The boys are understood to have been inspired by murders committed by ISIS after using mobile phone apps such as WhatsApp to share gruesome videos of the terror group’s atrocities, despite living in a remote village where electricity supplies are unreliable.

Anyone still think ISIS and extremist Islam aren’t serious concerns? Beware the link, which contains graphic photos of the child’s burned legs.

Meanwhile, also at the UK Daily Mail[2]

The Gaddafi clan’s most senior figurehead has warned of ‘a 9/11 in Europe within two years’, while claiming that ISIS forces in Libya are now recruiting migrants to their terror cause with promises of ‘white virgins’.

Ahmed Gaddaf al-Dam, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s cousin and former intelligence official, has professed that ‘not less than half a million’ migrants will set sail from Libya to European shores this year.

Among them, he claims, are thousands of terrorists, who will soon be running amok in Europe culminating in a terror strike on the same scale as the September 11th attacks.

Mr Gaddaf al-Dam, one of several high-profile regime figures who fled to Egypt during the 2011 revolution, gave an interview to MailOnline as the North African state descends into ever-worsening chaos and bloodshed.

There is also a new terror threat at Charlie Hebdo[3], as police chase drones hovering over the building as well as many other sensitive areas.

Meanwhile, ISIS threw yet another gay man off a building[4] while an enthusiastic crowd watched. One has to wonder when Liberals, who profess to be champions of gay people, will turn on ISIS and extremist Islam. One also has to wonder why so many news outlets refuse to cover what the UK Daily Mail covers daily.

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