IN AMERICA!? School Gives 2nd Graders Worksheets On Keeping Hijabs Clean – Parents PISSED!

IN AMERICA!? School Gives 2nd Graders Worksheets On Keeping Hijabs Clean – Parents PISSED!

When a young girl came home from school in New Jersey, her father was shocked at what she brought home as a worksheet. On it were instructions on how to keep hijabs (head coverings for women in Islam) and thwabs (Muslim robes) clean and neat. There was also a quote from the Quran on the printout: “Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure.” Chris was alarmed and furious over it as he should be.

Superintendent Karen Wood told Fox News’ Todd Starnes that the worksheet was against the rules and just a mistake:

“This worksheet – which was neither carefully reviewed by the teacher nor approved by an administrator – contained a religious reference, in clear violation of district policy,” Supt. Karen Wood told me in a statement.

She blamed the incident on a “novice instructor” who “downloaded a worksheet from the online sharing site Pinterest and utilized it during a lesson.”

Color me highly skeptical that this was an accident or a mistake. New Jersey has an ongoing problem with Muslims who want to institute Shariah law there. The school is also very reluctant to make a comment on the whole incident, which further bolsters my suspicions on all of this. However, most of the parents bought it, which I think is a grave mistake. These public schools headed by Progressives are pushing Islam on our children at every turn. This smacks of indoctrination.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

When Chris Sharpe saw what his daughter brought home from school, he was shocked – to say the least.

It was a worksheet with instructions on cleanliness and neatness of hijabs and thwabs, or Muslim robes, with quotes from the Quran included.

“Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure,” it read. Sharpe was certain the teachers at Cecil S. Collins School in Barnegat, New Jersey, were trying to indoctrinate her second-grade daughter. He wasn’t the only parent who was irate.

“Everybody was up in arms,” he told the Asbury Park Press.

That was Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, Sharpe said that school officials apologized and said it was a “simple mistake.” A teacher quickly downloaded health worksheets from the Internet and didn’t carefully review exactly what it said.

Not all of the parents were convinced that this was a mistake and I don’t blame them:

“It was no accident,” Bob Johnson wrote. “Democrats across the country are pushing Islam on us.”

“I am a Muslim and I say that worksheet belongs in an Islamic school, not a public school,” Rida Chishti posted.

“Leftists have allied with Islamists because they both share a common enemy; Western Civilization,” John Sorger added.

You can bet that if it were a Bible quote and Jesus was mentioned on the printout, there would have been hell to pay. It just wouldn’t happen. Do you really believe a substitute teacher did this by accident? Get real. These parents are right to be up in arms over this occurrence. Islamists and Marxists are going after our children and this is just another example of that.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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