BREAKING: Swiss Carry Out Orders TARGETING Muslims – They’re DONE!

BREAKING: Swiss Carry Out Orders TARGETING Muslims – They’re DONE!

It’s not just the American people who are absolutely fed up with watching the Muslim “refugee” crime spree making its way across Europe. Switzerland has demanded that any and all Islamic immigrants comply with Swiss standards or be refused naturalization.

In other news, I’m packing my bags for Switzerland.


Recently, two Muslim girls were denied naturalization applications after they refused to take swimming lessons because they didn’t want to be in the same pool as the boys. As part of the school curriculum, all students are required to take these swimming lessons, with failure to do so being a violation of the law resulting in the inability to become naturalized, according to the President of the naturalization committee, Stephan Wehrle.

These girls weren’t the first (and certainly won’t be the last) to fall short of the Swiss integration standards, which supersedes all other citizenship requirements.

I move that we require all immigrants to integrate into American life, before they can become citizens. How can we expect them to respect our country if we don’t require the best of them?

If someone could pass this little memo along to Trump, that would be great. There is never a shortage of great ideas coming from all around the world and I think we should adopts any and every rule that would keep us safe.

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