British Women Traveling To “Refugee Camps” To Volunteer As Sex Partners For Migrants…

British Women Traveling To “Refugee Camps” To Volunteer As Sex Partners For Migrants…

This is massively disturbing. In the Calais Jungle in France, volunteer aid workers have evidently been randy little mongooses on the rut. Female workers are said to be sleeping with multiple Muslim migrant males a day. Male aids are bedding female migrants. Children are being sexually abused by other aid workers. It’s disgusting. And it eggs on the rape of women by these migrant men even more.

A sexual exploitation scandal in the Calais Jungle deepened on Friday amid allegations of charity workers demanding “sex for aid” from refugees and other female volunteers involved in “sex contests” with male migrants. But I’ll bet there is just as much abuse coming from the migrants, if not more. The entire affair is degraded and sleazy. The whole mess was exposed on Facebook and then conveniently deleted.

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From The Sun:

AID workers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of having sex with migrants – in some cases with multiple partners a day.

A whistleblower took to Facebook to accuse volunteers of using camp prostitutes and sleeping with multiple migrants within the same 24 hours.

Other aid workers have claimed chancing volunteers are treating the camp as a “free for all festival” and struggle to “keep it in their pants”.

Female volunteers allegedly having sex with male migrants was said to be the most common combination for the trysts.

One volunteer said to have a “bad reputation” for romping with refugees was asked to leave the camp.

Another male worker had to be “persuaded not to return” owing to his behaviour with female migrants.


One male volunteer had this to say: “I know of at least one volunteer … that has exploited women by offering them food and shelter in return for sex. I’m sure this is not a unique incident.” Another female volunteer said she had heard reports of trading “sex for aid” and added: “There are also lots of women (mainly French) who are using men for sex and a florid prostitution business around men who live in the jungle, paid five or seven euros.”

None of the abuse is being reported. You have pedophilia and child rape, you have prostitution and good old fashioned rape and you have run of the mill immorality – all on both sides of the equation. This behavior is making it very dangerous for all of the volunteers. One woman put it bluntly: ”I used to walk alone in the dark winter nights, now I don’t … because the behavior of some volunteers gave some refugees the idea that everything is acceptable and possible with European women,” she wrote.

What you are hearing here is just the tip of the iceberg of the abuse going on in the Calais Jungle. The whistleblower on all this is being blamed instead of holding the depraved individuals there to account. It feels like our world is spiraling out of control and into the darkness. The behavior here sure points in that direction.

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