CRAZY Invention Made To Protect Women From Migrant Attacks, Hits The Market – ‘Safe Shorts’

CRAZY Invention Made To Protect Women From Migrant Attacks, Hits The Market – ‘Safe Shorts’

Seriously? You think a modern take on a chastity belt is going to stop Islamic rapists? I sincerely doubt it. In Germany, Sandra Seilz has invented “Safe Shorts.” She came up with the idea after being attacked by three drunken men while jogging in the woods. Any bets on if these ‘men’ were Islamic refugees? Any further bets that she was gang-raped? The shorts have a lock, protective shield and an alarm. Cables wrap around both legs that are supposedly hard to cut.

This woman believes the alarm would scare off attackers. Probably not. As for the cables, they will get inventive at cutting them and they don’t give a crap about hurting the woman they are attached to. Frankly, if they can’t get what they want, they’ll probably kill the woman and behead her. I doubt that her “Safe Shorts” will protect her from that fate. If Germany would not let in unvetted refugees, most of this would not be happening. Safe words, safe bracelets and safe shorts are not going to stop a rapist folks.


From The Federalist Papers Project:

It’s come to this.

“Safe Shorts.” Women’s shorts that have a lock around the groin and an alarm to keep would-be sex attackers from having their way.

The depressing invention was made by German entrepreneur Sandra Seilz. She decided to create the pants after she was attacked by three drunken men while jogging in the woods.

She had 150 pairs of the “Safe Shorts” made and they sold out immediately.

In the shorts, a lock protects women’s “intimate” areas along with a “protective shield” and it is hooked to an alarm. There are cables that run around the length of both legs that can’t be cut easily.

The website for the shorts says “Get into your safe shorts, pull the ergonomically placed high-tech cords that are tear and cut-resistant until the trousers are in place. The the cords are fixed to a power alarm. Should someone try to get into the trousers of the jogger the alarm will go off at a volume of 130 decibels, which is supposed to scare off the attacker.”

Germany is not alone in a massive rise in rapes and crime. Europe as a whole is experiencing it because their feckless leaders opened their borders and are welcoming these deviants in the name of tolerance and diversity. The police don’t enforce laws anymore in many of these places and aren’t there when needed. They keep the populace unarmed and they are a walking victim buffet for these monsters.

The shorts are made from the same material as bullet-proof vests and are just as difficult to pierce, penetrate or cut. Even so, as I said before, these are your garden variety rapists and they get off on brutal murders as much as ravaging maidens. They’ll tell the woman, take them off or die. Seilz told The Express: “Safe Shorts provide triple protection against sexual assaults, and we’re very proud of them.”

Seilz is telling people that they should not be worried in case of a medical emergency, that ambulances and EMT personnel have devices that can easily cut through the material. One wonders extensively about going to the bathroom while wearing such a device. Just sayin’. Despite a price of 149 euros (or $156), the shorts sold out in minutes. Desperate times call for desperate measures; I guess they are better than nothing. It would be much better if the laws were enforced and Germany had not fallen to the Caliphate thanks to Merkel.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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