Father Pulls A “TAKEN” Number On Muslim Man Who Attacked And Tried To Rape His Daughter!

Father Pulls A “TAKEN” Number On Muslim Man Who Attacked And Tried To Rape His Daughter!

I’ve been a fan of the Taken movies for quite some time and to see someone use similar tactics to save their own daughter is actually kind of cool.

When a father got a panicked call from his daughter in the early morning hours, it was entirely possible that he could never have seen her again. Luckily, he thought fast and was able to prevent any further tragedy from taking place. Despite happening in the overly-immigrant friendly Germany, this dad is being lauded as a hero.


When she was unable to get a cab home from the disco, a 23 year-old woman was forced to walk the two miles back to her parents’ home in Kleve, Germany. It wasn’t long before the young woman realized that she was being followed by someone she didn’t know. She kept crossing the street, with her stalker tailing her the whole way. Luckily, she had the sense to call her father, whom she alerted to the situation.

Her father then took off on an unmotorized scooter to find his child. When he did, she was unconscious in a ditch with her assailant – a 23 year-old man – on top of her and viciously tearing at her clothes.

The sight set him off and the dad (who, I feel it is worth mentioning is 57) jumped on the attacker and held him down while he called the police.

Officers claim that the man, who has been identified as a Syrian living in an asylum-seekers’ home, was “heavily intoxicated” at the time of the attack.

The young victim was treated at the local hospital, but has since been released.

It is miraculous that this father managed to find his daughter before anything terribly tragic happened to her. Kudos to the father who was quick on his feet.

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