Gang-Rape Christian Girls At Gunpoint In Pakistan, Get Acquitted In Court

by Scott McKay | November 6, 2015 3:34 pm

Imagine if America treated Muslims the way Muslims treat Christians in countries they control[1].

Muslim men who gangraped two teenage Pakistani Christian sisters at gunpoint last year have been acquitted of their charges by a Pakistani court after a key witness was bribed into changing his testimony.

During the middle of the night on Nov. 28, 2014, sisters Sherish and Farzana went outside of their home in the village of Jaranwala in the Punjab province to use the bathroom since their home did not have inside plumbing. The two girls did not return home that night and were found the next morning lying unconscious along the side of the road several miles from their home.

After the girls were taken to the hospital, they told police that a well-known Muslim landlord, Muhammad Shabaz, and other Muslim men had abducted them at gunpoint and raped them repeatedly throughout the night.

After the incident, the girls and their father were threatened against pursuing legal action against the perpetrators but pressed charges anyway. After the men were arrested, Muslims opposed to the family’s pressing of charges fired gunshots at the their house[2]. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

Although the family pressed charges, the family claimed that local police “obstructed attempts to gather medical evidence.”

Given the threats the family faced, the girls were held in a secretly located safe house rented by the London-based humanitarian organization, British Pakistani Christian Association, for their own safety and were taught English, math and vocational skills such as tailoring.

Shabaz and fellow Muslim Muhammad Azeem were both charged with the crime and forced to stand trial. However, the girl’s father, Ilyas Masih, maintains that the men were cleared of their charges in October because a key prosecution witness changed his testimony in favor of the defendants after being threatened and accepting a bribe.

Some of this is just a function of the overwhelming failure that is Pakistani society and civil institutions. But most of it is that Christians in Muslim countries are second-class citizens and little more than slaves.

There is a reason it’s so frightening to see the mass Muslim immigration into Western countries. This is it. Perhaps not next year, or next decade or even next generation. But at some point, when there is a Muslim majority, do you want your descendants to face this kind of treatment at the hands of barbarians?

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