Girl Marries For Love, Family Burns Her Alive – Because…Religion Of Peace

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 10, 2016 5:02 pm

How could anyone do something so horrific?[1] You’d have to be a monster, or in this case, a devout Muslim. In Pakistan, a 17 year-old girl fell in love. She got married against her family’s wishes. Then came the honor killing – they burned her alive for her transgression. They tied her to a cot, drenched her in kerosene and then lit her on fire. The neighbors came running and tried to rescue the girl, but the family blocked them from coming in. Her screams were the stuff of nightmares and I am sure they will haunt the neighbors forever.


From Louder with Crowder:

A woman in Pakistan burned her 17-year-old daughter alive on Wednesday to punish her for marrying against the family’s wishes, the latest in a series of so-called “honor killings” that claim the lives of nearly 1,000 women every year in the conservative Muslim country. Police say Zeenat Rafiq’s mother, Parveen, tied her to a cot and drenched her with kerosene before lighting her on fire. Neighbors… came running when they heard the screams, but family members kept them from entering the house.

Sheikh Hammad, a local police official, said Parveen confessed to killing her daughter with the help of her son Ahmar. He quoted the woman as saying “I don’t have any regrets.” [T]he body showed signs of beating and strangulation.

The girl was beaten and strangled before she was torched. Her mother and brother have no regrets at all for what they did. It’s all part of the Religion of Peace. This is sheer evil and you see it over and over again in the Islamic world. It is not a one-off event. It’s downright common. Murder is like breathing in Islam – any minor thing can get you killed in the most horrific of ways. And Obama and his minions keep insisting they are peaceful and must be protected. That’s like saying demons have rights too. Obama and Hillary scream about the evils of guns, but do you ever hear them talk about this? No, because evil is good and good is evil. They don’t care that Islamists murder at will… they are murderous moderates and fit their political agenda. Evil is like a disease… it spreads and infects. Just ask our politicians and the Religion of Peace.

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