HIJAB BARBIE – Coming To A Store New You In April, Will It Have Instructions For Sharia Law?

HIJAB BARBIE – Coming To A Store New You In April, Will It Have Instructions For Sharia Law?

You know what’s missing from the children’s toys section at Walmart? A nice Barbie doll from the Allah collection! It would come complete with a hijab for every girl’s Barbie, you know, to make sure that they are modest.

We don’t want to have to pop off the heads of these Barbies, because, you know…honor killings.

Social justice snowflake Barbie freaks everywhere can rest assured now because someone is about to make the highly fashionable hijabs available to those who want to cover up their Barbies, so they don’t use their lustful bodies to tempt the innocent and Allah fearing Ken…

Is it starting to sound ridiculous? Not according to Gisele Barreto Fetterman.

Reports have it that Fetterman got the idea after she and her 5 year-old daughter went out on a “doll march” in Washington in commonality with January’s Women’s March.

Although almost all dolls were there with them, including a disabled doll, a black doll and a doll with glasses, Fetterman asked her daughter, Grace, if there was any other doll that they were missing? According to Fetterman, that was when they both came to the conclusion that there were no Muslim dolls…yeah. I’m sure her 5 year-old daughter had the mind to say, “Mommy, there’s no Muslim Barbie!”

“That seemed wrong,” Fetterman told the media. “The refugee population coming in is mostly Muslim, and they are not welcomed by everyone, which is painful to see. Of course, there are children among the refugees. But there are no dolls for them.”

After Fetterman and a friend of hers who happens to be Muslim, Safaa Bokhari, couldn’t find any Muslim dolls that were available online, they decided to correct the situation by becoming entrepreneurs that cut small, colorful cloths that can be folded into little Barbie-sized hijabs.

They named their product, “Hello Hijab,” and it’s hitting the shelves for purchase in April.

Fetterman shared her ‘dream’ in the report:

“My dream is that every school, with all the dolls they have, will have at least one. If they play with it as children, when they become adults and see someone with a hijab they’ll be more accepting.”

The custom-made hijabs are anticipated to be produced by Pittsburgh Muslim seamstresses for a wage of $15/hr and sell for $6 each, according to the reports…

Fetterman claims that the proceeds she receives will go to the ACLU, the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh and Community Blueprint Pittsburgh.

…So, when is the new line of catholic Barbie going to come out, you know, with a crucifix around her neck? Oh! What about an orthodox Jew and his kippah?

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