HORROR: Muslim Enters Christian Hall While Showing Off His Arsenal On Facebook LIVE – Then This… [VIDEO]

HORROR: Muslim Enters Christian Hall While Showing Off His Arsenal On Facebook LIVE – Then This… [VIDEO]

A man that referred to himself as a Muslim-American man from South Dakota has done something that irresponsible people on both sides of the political argument have done and set off a controversy after streaming a video on Facebook Live, shot in a parking outside a Christian conference. He apparently seemed agitated, as he horribly made his point by brandishing a set of guns, making the argument about being ‘scared’ or something like that.

The man’s name is Ehab Jaber, of Sioux Falls, and the video he made was done on April 9th after making a stop by the Worldview Weekend Christian gathering taking place in the Hilton Garden Inn South.

Brannon Howes was the organizer of the event and according to Howes, an off-duty police officer was the one that encountered Jaber and told him that filming the event was prohibited and had asked him for his name. This didn’t go over well with Jaber, who responded with ‘John Smith, the Muslim John Smith.’

He ended up heading back to his car where he recorded his profanity-laced, meandering videos. He wore a shirt that said ‘I am a Muslim, I open carry and conceal carry and I am only dangerous if you are stupid.’

He claimed that the Christian event was racist and that it only teaches that Muslims are the bad guys. He apparently got that idea from a certain speaker at the event. The speaker, Shahram Hadian, gave a presentation about Islam. You see, Hadian is a former Iranian Muslim turned Christian pastor and the title of his presentation was aptly named: ‘Sabotaging America: Islam’s March Toward Supremacy.’

I get this guy’s anger of being lumped in with terrorists, but going out of your way to look unhinged, even if he didn’t break any laws, is a bad look on peaceful Muslims, as well as a bad look on responsible gun owners.

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