Islamists Savagely Attack Waitress When They Noticed What She Was Serving At Resturant

Islamists Savagely Attack Waitress When They Noticed What She Was Serving At Resturant

This happened a couple of months ago, but shows the ongoing deterioration of France and Europe in general in regards to Islam. A Muslim waitress served alcohol to patrons that visited her establishment. Two Arabic men accused her of crimes against Islam for serving alcohol on the first day of Ramadan and said she should be hanged. She told them they were not Allah and were not fit to judge her. They left, but one came back and hit her in the face. He proceeded to smash the alcohol bottles on the shelves.

This happens over and over again. I believe this was in Nice, France and was not long before the truck attack in Nice on Bastille Day that killed a number of people there, including children. Yet, the socialist French let this go on and on. They excuse Muslims who commit crimes and let them go, but anyone who speaks out against these Muslims are persecuted and prosecuted ruthlessly.


From Breitbart:

Muslims in France have left a waitress with a large facial haematoma on the first day of Ramadan because the attackers had seen her serving alcohol.

The waitress said she was alone in the bar when the men entered. They pointed towards the liquor bottles behind the counter and said, in Arabic: “You should be ashamed to serve alcohol during Ramadan.”

The waitress, herself a Muslim and observing the Muslim period of fasting, told the men they were not Allah and so could not judge her. The assailants swore if they were God they would have her hanged.

The Front National Party in France blasted the leadership there for their weak response to this incident. And they are right. My problem with the populist Front National Party is they have white supremacist elements in their ranks. Nevertheless, they seem to be the only ones fighting this political insanity there currently.

Less than two years ago in the same Nice neighborhood, three men were given suspended sentences for repeated death threats to and physically attacking a Muslim baker they accused of being un-Islamic for serving ham sandwiches and alcohol at his shop. So you see… this is a common occurrence there now and it leads to much more violent altercations.

The French are fighting populism and promoting Islamism. They should be fighting both in my opinion. Populism is very dangerous, but frankly, Islamism is far more dangerous. People are swinging to extremes on both sides and it is killing Europe and allowing the Jihadists to conquer their countries from within.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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