Mayor Tells U.S. Crowd That Immigrants Should NOT Have To Assimilate…

Mayor Tells U.S. Crowd That Immigrants Should NOT Have To Assimilate…

So, now we have an Islamist mayor from London coming to the US and telling Americans that immigrants should not have to assimilate into our culture. That we should be more like Britain. Oh, and by the way… he’s a big fan of Hillary Clinton’s. Figures. Here’s an idea… Sadiq Khan should just shut it and mind his own damned business. Americans don’t cave to Islam no matter what the Brits do.

This insurrectionist has ties to no other than Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He also has Muslim Brotherhood ties. I consider him a national security threat and he should not even be allowed on US soil. He’s that dangerous. I may not be a big fan of Donald Trump’s, but one of the few things I agree with him on is the vetting of Islamists before they come into this nation. I also agree with him that to be an American is to assimilate into our culture, not the other way around.


From Breitbart:

London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan has continued his pro-Hillary Clinton tour of the United States by declaring that immigrants into the West should not be forced to assimilate.

His comments come hot on the heels of the Chicago press exposing his connections to radical Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

Mr. Khan, who was elected to be London’s mayor in May 2016, has also used his trip to claim that Republican candidate Donald Trump is “playing into the hands” of the Islamic State.

His trip runs contrary to the U.S. visit from former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who presented an upbeat message of defeating the political establishment on stage with Donald Trump.

Instead, Mr. Khan insisted: “One of the lessons from around the world is that a laissez-faire or hands-off approach to social integration doesn’t work. We need rules, institutions, and support to enable people to integrate into cohesive communities and for the avoidance of doubt, I don’t mean assimilation, I mean integration, and there’s a difference”.

He added: “People shouldn’t have to drop their cultures and traditions when they arrive in our cities and countries”.

By integration, this guy means allowing Muslims to live under Shariah law rather than constitutional law. That just isn’t going to fly here in the US. When your culture and traditions impinge on the rule of law in the US, then you either need to adjust and change, or you need to leave. End of story.

The United Kingdom, and especially areas of East London which overwhelmingly voted for Mr. Khan, is currently suffering from Muslim ghettoization, horrific employment rates for Muslim women, an internal debate surrounding the banning of the burka and ongoing issues such as female genital mutilation, anti-Semitism and homophobia within Muslim communities. None of those are ‘traditions’ that we want or allow in the US. Mr. Khan should go home and never darken our American doorstep again.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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