Migrant RAPES & CHOPS UP Elderly Woman Into 7 Pieces Scatters Her Remains In…

Migrant RAPES & CHOPS UP Elderly Woman Into 7 Pieces Scatters Her Remains In…

This is just horrific. An Islamic migrant (so not surprised) has just been sentenced to life for the brutal rape and murder of an 80 year-old woman in France last year. She was a British expat, who had moved to France to be near her son. Violet Price and her husband owned a home there. After he passed away, she moved to France to permanently live in what had been a holiday home for them. She was happy there until her daughter-in-law’s brother, Madi Mahaboudi, got a hold of her

Mahaboudi had been previously convicted for the rape and strangling of another woman in France. He only served eight years for that crime. When he got out, he checked himself into a loony bin because he felt ‘dangerous’. Unfortunately, he got that exactly right. He came to Violet’s house after a barbecue looking for his ex-girlfriend. Violet invited him in for coffee. She should never have turned her back on him. He says something came over him and he grabbed her by the neck. He then viciously raped her and strangled her to death. Afterwards, he cut her up into seven different pieces and scattered her remains in the woods near her home. DNA on the coffee cup and hair found in Violet’s bed led to his arrest and confession.


From the Daily Mail:

A man has been sentenced to life in prison for the rape and murder of an 80-year-old British expat whose dismembered body parts were found scattered in a forest in the Dordogne area of southwestern France.

Madi Mahaboudi, 33, who has a previous conviction for unlawful killing by strangulation of another woman, was convicted on Friday of the murder of Violet Price, who was originally from Northampton and had gone to live in France in 2012 to be near her son Paul.

A medical expert told the court in the town of Agen that the attack in April last year on Price in her home in the village of Moustier had been extraordinarily violent.

‘In 15 years of practice, I have never seen such a degree of bruising on the throat and neck,’ he said, after asking members of the British pensioner’s family to leave the courtroom before he read out the gruesome list of physical and sexual injuries found on her body.

Mahaboudi, who was addicted to cannabis and pornography and had a history of mental illness, was the brother of Price’s daughter-in-law.

This monster says he feels he can be rehabilitated and wants another chance after raping and killing two innocent women. He deserves to be put down like a rabid dog. But knowing the French, they’ll let him out to kill again even though he was sentenced to life. The man is murderously insane and beyond redemption.

This guy is addicted to pot and porn. He’s about as evil as they come. Only an absolute animal would do such a thing to an 80 year-old woman. The list of physical and sexual injuries to the poor woman’s body were so extensive and brutal, that the family had to leave the courtroom while they were read. This is what unvetted Islamic migration brings with it. America must not go the way of France, Germany and Europe.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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