Moms Advertise ‘Barbie Hijabs’ To Train Kids On ‘Inclusiveness’: ‘They will grow into a kinder generation’

Moms Advertise ‘Barbie Hijabs’ To Train Kids On ‘Inclusiveness’: ‘They will grow into a kinder generation’

Hello Hijab! That’s the inappropriately cute sounding name for the latest in garments of oppression available for Barbie and other fashion dolls. That’s right, three moms decided to make hijabs for their daughter’s dolls. Because what better way to teach your girls about women’s equality than to create adorable miniature headwear worn by oppressed women in Muslim cultures all over the world?

Hello Hijab is a nonprofit founded by Gisele Fetterman, Safaa Bokhari and Kristen Michaels. They claim that putting hijabs on dolls will promote inclusiveness and make for a “kinder generation.” Each little tiny woman-oppressing headscarf will cost about $6.00. And isn’t that quite a bargain for the privilege of teaching little girls how to “tolerate” the misogynistic oppression engaged in by hard core Muslim cultures? The website says, “Hello Hijab is made in Pittsburgh, with love. 100% of proceeds support organizations that protect and honor our multicultural communities.”

There are a few problems with this endeavor. One, Barbie’s image is one of a free, intelligent, accomplished woman who confidently displays her hair and face to the world. Two, every Barbie movie ever made rightly portrays her as her own person, not a subservient woman under the thumb of a radical religion, not oppressed by the males in the movie and not forced to abide by the 6th century rules of an archaic culture. Barbie is meant to show young girls they can achieve their dreams. And no little girl dreams of wrapping herself up in headscarves and floor length robes to hide who they are from the world in order to avoid being stoned, beaten or beheaded for blasphemy. Sorry ladies, you’ve chosen an extremely inappropriate way to teach your girls “inclusiveness,” Hard line Muslim cultures are not inclusive. They are oppressive.

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If you truly want to “protect and honor our multicultural communities,” how about you start by fighting for the oppressed women of Islam instead of promoting their oppression? And how about you show your little girls that they should never have to cover up who they are for any man or any religion. All cultures are not equal. And any culture that treats women as property, that does not see them as the equals of men, that requires them to hide their identities, is not a culture to emulate or admire. It is a culture to be fought and reformed. It is a culture into which Barbie would never fit. Goodbye Hijab!

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