Muslim Employee Suing Whole Foods, Citing Discrimination Because Of Religion

Muslim Employee Suing Whole Foods, Citing Discrimination Because Of Religion

Muslims are required to pray five times a day… I can understand freedom of religion and wanting to do that, but most businesses cannot possibly make accommodations for praying five times a day. Robert Greene could have found a job with a Muslim employer, or he could have made exceptions for work, but instead he sued. You know why? Because he claims his manager told him the office wasn’t a mosque. I’m sorry… I agree with the manager. No other religion asks for these types of exceptions and religion has no business in the work place… not in an obvious way that intrudes on others.

Employers already make exceptions for special holidays and accommodate their employees as much as they can, but asking them to allow an employee to pray in the middle of the office five times a day is a bit much. I suppose they could go to another room, but they would scream over that as well. It’s a no-win situation for the employer and this man knows it. He’s looking for an easy payout from them. It’s that other way of making money.


From US Herald:

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Muslims are required to pray five times a day on a strictly set schedule that doesn’t easily lend itself to the workday in most jobs, so when Robert Greene, a practicing Muslim was faced with a choice between praying or working – he didn’t look for a different job or excuse himself for a brief prayer.

He sued his employer in federal court.

Greene claims Whole Foods discriminated against him because of his religion, alleging that his manager once told him, “This is not a mosque,” before terminating him from his job.

He is trying to collect back pay, as well as damages against the national natural foods grocery store to punish it for violating his civil rights.

Employers and employees have shared a symbiotic relationship for hundreds of years. They show each other mutual respect and concentrate on the work at hand, while also allowing for First Amendment rights. You have to remember that the employer has rights too. And if he does not make a profit, no one keeps their jobs.

But give and take and the goodwill that comes with it are not part of Islam. Muslims demand you conform to their needs or they use lawfare against you. This man is suing Whole Foods because he thinks there’s a giant payday in it for him. I sincerely hope a judge rules against this jerk. It’s funny how all other faiths manage to be true to their beliefs without suing their bosses. But you see Muslims suing over and over again for prayer breaks, special rooms, foot baths and halal meals. It will never be enough until everyone converts. That was the point all along.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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