A Muslim Man Has Sued Little Caesars For $100 Million Because They Gave Him Pork On His Pizza [VIDEO]

A Muslim Man Has Sued Little Caesars For $100 Million Because They Gave Him Pork On His Pizza [VIDEO]

Famous pizza company Little Caesars is facing a $100M lawsuit after serving a Muslim man a pizza with pork on it. You read that right. A pizza place, that makes pizza with pork products like sausage and bacon, is being sued for doing their job.

Even if you say “no pork products on my pizza, please,” you really can’t sue if they accidentally put it on there. Have you been in a Little Caesars lately? They have a bunch of acne-prone teenagers making your dinner, you think any of them are intentionally trying to put pork products on your pizza to offend your religion? Especially given that most young people are liberal or left-leaning and sympathetic to Muslims, I highly doubt anything of that nature took place.

A Dearborn, Michigan man claims that he was misled into violating his faith by being “tricked” into eating pork products.

According to the lawsuit, the Little Caesars claims that their pepperoni is prepared in a way that is consistent with the “halal” preparations expected of food prepared for and by Muslims. That, however, wasn’t true according to the plaintiff.

His lawyer claims that the man knows the difference in preparation of halal pepperoni and the traditional, western preparation, as he used to work in a pizza joint.

The lawsuit also claims that the workers admitted that the oversight, with the lawyer saying that a major chain shouldn’t advertise food that claims to adhere to the faith if they cannot follow through.

Watch the video below:

In a place with such a large Muslim majority, it’s almost dangerous to claim to make halal food and then not be able to do so. Either don’t advertise it and don’t cater to Muslims, or do it. Trust me, there is no need for Little Caesars to be in Dearborn, because they don’t need the money.

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