Muslim Teacher Demonstrates How Men Should BEAT Wives, Says It’s A Wife’s Beautiful Blessing [VIDEO]

Muslim Teacher Demonstrates How Men Should BEAT Wives, Says It’s A Wife’s Beautiful Blessing [VIDEO]

I can hardly believe this. Apparently, Muslim men being allowed to beat their wives if they ‘disobey’ them is something for a woman married into such a marriage should be grateful for. The more she’s beaten, the more she’s loved.

Not only that, but domestic violence where a husband is beating his wife for them…is a ‘beautiful blessing’. These are not our words, but the words of the women’s branch of a radical Islamic group.

Their primary school teacher, Reem Allouche, says that men are permitted to hit women with sticks. Yes, that’s right…with sticks.

She gave a 30-minute lecture in fact on the disgusting topic. Here you will see two representatives describe how a Muslim man in the act of beating his wife is a ‘symbolic act’.

Be warned though, they go as far as even demonstrating how to use a small stick that is called a ‘sivaak’ to hit ‘disobedient’ women. So yes, they also have a special tool for the men to use to beat their wives. A special tool, a special method of terrorizing their wives. Sick.

Did you see that? Well, I’m sure you saw it, but can you believe it? These two women sit there with smiles on their faces, glowing with pride as they talk about what an honor it is for their husbands to beat them with a stick, abandon them, or even slap them around with a rag like they are nothing.

They even went as far as to call it a freaking blessing…while they demonstrate hitting each other with a stick and laughing about it.

‘Disobedience to the husband. Immoral acts or cheating. Admitting anyone to the home that the husband doesn’t like,’ Ms Latifi explains.

She even had the audacity to say that the violence from their husbands should only ‘promote tranquility’.

The pair agree that men have the right to beat their wives because husbands take a ‘leadership’ position within the family.

‘It goes hand in hand that he would have the right to undertake disciplinary ­measures,’ Ms Allouche says.
Ms Latifi adds: ‘He is permitted – not obliged, not encouraged – but permitted, to hit her. That is what everyone is talking about. It should not cause pain. Not harsh.’

During the debate, Ms Allouche says wives who disobey Muslim teachings could face a beating from their husband, but only because ‘he loves his wife, he fears for his wife’.

‘It’s almost a natural consequence,’ she adds.

‘He’s not responding through anger or frustration or rage. He’s responding in obedience to Allah’s commands, in a measured and staged way, because we know when people talk about violence against women, often it happens in the heat of the moment, in anger, in frustration and what-not, whereas here, it’s managed.’

Ms Latifi claims violence should be a last resort for husbands, saying they should admonish them first.

If that does not work, he should ‘refuse to share the bed with her, not being intimate with her’.

Finally, if that does not work, he ‘is permitted to hit her’.

‘And what a beautiful blessing, that he said not to take the steps at the one time, but one after the other,’ she continues.

‘And what is the third option all about? What kind of hitting? It should not cause pain.’

Just when you thought that the world could not afford to handle anymore stupid…

You are proven wrong.

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