Muslims demanded prayer zone, but this school banned it right away

Muslims demanded prayer zone, but this school banned it right away

A Danish school has banned Muslim girls/women from praying during school hours. This came as one of them prostrated herself in a public area to pray. The school has a strict rule to keep religion and politics a private matter and out of the educational arena. It’s not just Muslims they are banning… this applies to other religions as well. The school also points out that religious practices are typically not allowed in workplaces in the outside world either. I agree with the school here… especially with the rise of radical Islam in Denmark and other countries.


From CPH Post Online:

SOPU in Hillerød – an educational institution that offers social and health education, adult vocational training courses and 10th grade classes – is defending its decision to prohibit Muslim women and students of other faiths to pray and practise their religion while on school grounds.

“Some have seen a young woman lie down and pray in a communal area,” SOPU head Inger Margrethe Nielsen told Berlingske.

“We have had her training manager have a chat with her. We have a number of rules at the school, and one of them is that you keep private matters such as faith and politics to yourself.”

The school also said its rules reflect what students will encounter when they leave school to take a job, as practising religion is not allowed in most workplaces.

One student wondered why they couldn’t do as they wished on their breaks. Well, because you are at a public school and you agree to follow their rules when you attend there. It’s not petty… it’s survival. The case follows one in which six Muslim women were refused an education last month at VUC Lyngby because they wore niqabs that left only their eyes visible. Again, if you are so devout in your religion that you insist on wearing Islamic garb, praying multiple times a day and following Shariah law, you should either go to school online or attend an Islamic school. You integrate into a society and conform to their ways, not the other way around.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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