Muslims Take Over Streets Outside of Trump Tower – Then They Do THIS

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 5, 2017 10:54 am

More than 100 Muslim protesters[1] gathered outside of New York’s Trump Tower last Thursday to protest the President’s policies. They labeled his rhetoric as divisive and accused him of anti-Islam bias. None of that is true and this is meant to gain sympathy for Islam and stir up animosity among Americans. Jewish demonstrators formed a protective barrier around the protesters. The bigotry and hate they claim that is aimed at Muslims is mostly non-existent. What does exist is born of fear. Americans see Muslims protesting Trump, but not protesting the murders in Manchester and London. That’s says a lot.

The activists prayed and partook in an iftar dinner. They are celebrating Ramadan by protesting Trump. The Jews surrounding these Muslims by the way are leftists who support those that kill Jews… they are with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. I know it’s confusing and up is down and down is up. But that is all by design as these groups sow chaos, anger and bitterness. “I just thought it was an opportunity for us to come together as a community, to show that we are united,” Maggie Glass, a 31 year-old New Yorker with a Jewish refugee association. These are not the majority of Jews and they are suicidally blind to what is happening with radical Islam.


From the Daily Mail:

Jewish demonstrators created a protective barrier around Muslims during their Ramadan protest outside New York’s Trump Tower on Thursday.

More than 100 Muslims gathered outside the president’s Manhattan home and business headquarters in a peaceful protest against Trump’s immigration policies, divisive rhetoric and negative bias against Islam.

‘Everyday American Muslims are confronted with bigotry and hate while commuting to work and school, applying for jobs, practicing their faith and simply living their lives,’ Anu Joshi, deputy director of the New York State Immigrant Action Fund, Press TV[3] reports.

The activists joined together outside Trump tower on Thursday to sit down together and enjoyed their first meal after sunset, known as iftar, during the sixth day of Ramadan.

Fatoumata Waggeh, 26, said she decided to take part in the protest to denounce ‘rhetoric they are spreading around Muslims.’

While Muslims ate together and prayed, a group of Jewish activists showed solidarity by surrounding them as they prayed.

‘Jews are forming a protective perimeter around our Muslim siblings as they prepare to pray. We keep each other safe,’ wrote the group Jews for Racial and Economic Justice on Twitter.

While President Trump is fighting terrorism and trying to secure our borders to protect us, you have Islamists and their enablers trying to tear him down and stop him. Make no mistake, this is war. Police officers on Fifth Avenue monitored the peaceful protest closely. Thankfully, there was no incident. In reality, it should not be allowed to take place because they are in such close proximity to the First Family. I don’t know if any of them were there, but you would think that if they were, Secret Service would have been all over this.

The event came days after Trump also issued a statement, wishing “all Muslims a joyful Ramadan.” But they are ticked off because Rex Tillerson has announced there will be no Ramadan celebration this year at the State Department. The media is incensed over that and trying to cause unrest over it. I hope that President Trump’s travel ban passes the Supreme Court test and extreme vetting is implemented. I also hope that he follows through on securing our borders. Americans fear terrorist attacks like we saw in Europe this week and that would go a long way to making them feel more secure.










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