Nation Of Islam Founder Just Said Something That Has Red-Blooded Americans SPEECHLESS!

Nation Of Islam Founder Just Said Something That Has Red-Blooded Americans SPEECHLESS!

There was an annual Nation of Islam event recently and there the founder and leader Louis Farrakhan was recognized as one of the “last men standing” in a so-called long line of ‘great black people’ in history.

Yes. True story…that happened. Look…

Louis Farrakhan, a racist first and founder of the Nation of Islam second, was welcomed with open arms like he was somebody special on Sunday at the organization’s annual convention in Detroit.

The fact that this goes down on American soil….unreal.

Anyhow, his followers were showing so much excitement it too was almost unreal, the sheer worship they had for him was very eerie. Of course as soon as he started speaking, Farrakhan took the time to bash America and her President, President Donald Trump throughout the entire event.

He wasted no time in getting into reveling in how the United States is in a decline when he stated:

“America will never be made great again. Her days of greatness are over. The God of justice has come”

He then made the prerequisite slap at President Trump when he suggested that he didn’t like black people, Mexicans and Muslims.

Seriously? This is getting old people… there is NOTHING that reflects that Trump is racist and people like this a-hole know it. He knows the truth, he sees the truth, but still wants to tell the lie…for power, for fame and for riches.

Satan’s advocate also said it was the end of the rule of ‘white people’, while also taking a shot at Jews…again. Stating further that the world will soon be ruled by Allah.

“For 6,000 years, the people of the earth have suffered under a mischief-making rule. Bloodshed and war, hatred and strife, all because a man with a new color — or the lack thereof — thought that he was better than all of those who inhabited the earth before he was even a thought,” Farrakhan said in his speech on Sunday. “But I am here to announce today the end of his world and the beginning of a brand new reality that all human beings will enjoy peace, freedom justice and equality under the rule of Allah.”

Farrakhan said, “Have no fear … the future is ours. Time for the liberation of our people.”

In closing, I thought there was something else you should know…because if what you’ve heard already doesn’t tick you off, this will.

State Sen. Bert Johnson and Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones were on the stage with Farrakhan when he bashed America. Jones was a delegate for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention.

This just got real folks. Pray for President Trump….pray, pray and pray.

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