Openly Gay Seattle Mayor Supports SHARIA LAW – Guess What’s Happening Now… [VIDEO]

by Just An American | April 14, 2017 4:15 am



I mean… WOW.

Back in 2015 it was reported that Mayor Edward Murray of Seattle was loud and clear on his plan to “help followers of Sharia law buy houses.”

This of course got a bunch of Americans thinking twice about what his priorities were when it came to his promise to serve his community to the best of his ability.

This was indeed a controversial mistake…[2]

Of course, it was also just plain stupid, because he’s gay. Yes, gay.

Do you remember what Sharia Law says about gay people? Well, simply said… they need to be put to death. On top of that, there are many who have been killed and not in a nice way at all either. In fact, they have been put to death in rather horrifying ways. It’s disgusting and it’s wrong. Yet, he so blindly supports the very religion that wants him dead.

Here are words from a Muslim scholar who talks all about it…

“God is very straightforward about this — not we Muslims, not subjective, the Sharia is very clear about it, the punishment for homosexuality, bestiality or anything like that is death,” Muslim cleric Sheikh Khalid Yasin said in a YouTube video posted online. “We don’t make any excuses about that, it’s not our law — it’s the Koran.”

So with said, what was this mayor’s plan? Was he trying to buy their love by supporting their religion? Was this his sick way of trying to get them to see they don’t need to kill gay people, because..even gay people can support them?

The very people who are literally opposed to his existence!?!?! It just sounds wrong.

Well, then guess what happened? In October of 2016, Murray announced he would be running for re-election in 2017 and that’s when things went from bad to worse.

Fast forward to last week and the news out of Seattle seems to again beg the same question: Was an openly gay mayoral candidate hoping to buy favor and votes from Muslims in the Seattle election, only to now be further confounded by new allegations of sex crimes by Murray against an under-aged boy?

There was a complaint filed alleging child sex abuse along with illegal prostitution this month on April 6th, right there in the King County Superior Court against Murray.

There was a report made on this complaint stating that Murray was accused of “repeatedly and criminally raping and molesting a teenage boy decades ago, a charge denied by the mayor, who vowed to continue to run for re-election.”

He of course is claiming that these accusations are timed perfectly to damage his re-election campaign and that’s all there is to it. He denies the claims and considers them as an attempt to keep him from re-election.

There are an estimated 37,000 Muslims in the Seattle area that claim to be in support of him due to his pro-Sharia law policies. After these allegations, Murray may be really counting on getting all their votes.

Molesting a teenage boy apparently is not something he thinks will affect getting their votes.

What do you think?

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