Prince Charles’ Christmas Address takes Bizarre Turn, Focuses on Mohammed

Prince Charles’ Christmas Address takes Bizarre Turn, Focuses on Mohammed

Let me preface this by saying I have never cared for Prince Charles… ever. He strikes me as an elitist, doltish fop. I also think there is an excellent argument to be made that he converted to Islam some time ago. I don’t have proof. I make the observation by his past actions and this one doesn’t help either. On Christmas, Prince Charles doesn’t tell us to remember the birth of Jesus. No… he wants you to focus on Mohammed. That’s right infidel… on your knees!

Prince Charles tried to compare the holy birth of Jesus to Mohammed traveling to Medina in search of converts. To a Christian, that is blasphemous. To a Muslim, that is part of converting Christians to Islam. All of these craven comparisons of religions is meant to get us to accept Islamic refugees more readily and to do away with our borders. What one world bull crap. And there is no equating Christians with Muslims… it’s night and day. I respect anyone being allowed to worship as they deem fit, if it does not impinge on my freedoms, but no one has the right to use religion as a weapon against me.


From BizPac Review:

“Normally at Christmas, we think of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ,” he said on Radio 4’s “Thoughts for the Day.” “I wonder though if this year we might remember how the story of the nativity unfolds, with the fleeing of the holy family to escape violent persecution.”

The crown prince then likened that event to Mohammed traveling to Medina in search of converts.

“And we might also remember that when the prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina he was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.”

Prince Charles then claimed that all religious groups want the same thing — the ability to live and worship in peace and to allow others to do the same.

“Whichever religious path we follow, the destination is the same – to value and respect the other person, accepting their right to live out their peaceful response to the love of God,” he said.

The Brits are so fortunate this man is not their King. I guess he didn’t get the memo that a big part of Brexit had to do with the massive influx of Islamic refugees there. Talk about deaf, dumb and blind. He’s got all three going on. I also believe Brits are sick of the condescension from those such a Prince Charles. There’s a reason his mother didn’t want him to be King after all. He seems to be going a bit daft.

Then Charles went after both President-elect Trump’s populist message, as well as Brexit. “We are now seeing the rise of many populist groups across the world that are increasingly aggressive towards those who adhere to a minority faith. All of this has deeply disturbing echoes of the dark days of the 1930s,” he said. Those days led to the rise of Hitler and guess who was on Hitler’s side? The Islamists. He seems a bit confused here. “I was born in 1948, just after the end of World War Two, in which my parents’ generation had fought and died in a battle against intolerance, monstrous extremism and an inhuman attempt to exterminate the Jewish population of Europe. That nearly 70 years later we should still be seeing such evil persecution is, to me, beyond all belief. We owe it to those who suffered and died so horribly not to repeat the horrors of the past.” So, you would join with Islamists who want to wipe out the Jews that you speak so highly of? Huh. Again I say… the Prince has gone soft in the head.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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