School Guard Uses A Cane And A Snake To Round Up Students – CAUGHT On Video

School Guard Uses A Cane And A Snake To Round Up Students – CAUGHT On Video

Last week, Ashley Judd jumped onto social media to shame America and say that women have more rights in the Middle East than in the United States. Yep, that’s right… yet ANOTHER movie star acting like they know something about something when it turns out that they really don’t. This is becoming an all too common epidemic. SO today, we thought we would teach feminists in America like Ashley Judd just WHAT it is like to be a woman living in the Middle East, put on your safety pins ladies and go to your safe space…

Last week, some video of a Muslim man in Saudi Arabia frightening young students was released and some people are shocked. I’m not shocked because women aren’t considered much higher than cattle in the Middle East. But I guess if feminists like Ashley Judd and her ilk tried to educate themselves on the reality of how women are treated in places like the Middle East, they would finally realize that the United States is an amazingly fair place for anyone, including vagina hat wearing feminists.

This particular footage is reportedly showing a school guard using a cane and a snake to round up female pupils at a school in Saudi Arabia, because that’s how he’s permitted to treat women. Obviously, he believes that females are too dumb to follow simple directions like “go to class” etc.

The video was filmed in a school in Riyadh a few days ago. It shows a man repeatedly striking a hand rail, a wall near a group of veiled girls and even striking a girl on the head at one point. In a separate video, the man can be seen threatening a female pupil by chasing after her with a snake. These are people we should emulate? REALLY? WATCH both videos below:

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