UK Imam Commands Congregation: ‘Spill Blood’ And ‘Establish Law of Allah’ [VIDEO]

UK Imam Commands Congregation: ‘Spill Blood’ And ‘Establish Law of Allah’ [VIDEO]

The Religion of Peace is preaching extreme, bloody violence again. Praise Allah!

Gee what a wonderful religion.

An imam in England has recently been found to have been recruited for ISIS and was telling Muslims at his mosque that they should be “ready to spill blood” and “establish the law of Allah over the necks of the people.” That includes the nice ol’ Queen Elizabeth, according to court documents.

Truly, a monstrous overlord.

Imam Kamran Sabir Hussain is alleged to have preached these violence edicts to upwards of 15 children and 25 adults at his mosque in Tunstall, saying that martyrdom was a “supreme success,” which far surpasses successes like going to college.

He was only caught when the mosque was infiltrated by an undercover cop who record 17 different sermons, starting last summer. That’s an important detail: None of the 25 adults who were being preached to commit regicide bothered to call up the local authorities to let them know a crime was taking place.

In one of his sermons, Imam Hussain preached:

“Stand up and be ready to sacrific, be ready to stand in the face of the elements of [Satan], be ready to spill blood and have your blood spilt.”

This differs from Christian churches which normally hear things like “love your neighbor” and “forgive people who have wronged you.”

One of the prosecutors of the case, Sarah Whitehouse, Q.C., said: “Much of the context of Mr. Hussain’s sermon was unobjectionable… some of the sermons, however, moved into support and encouragement to those carrying out acts of terrorism.”

The cop who recorded the sermons went by the name “Qassim” and should be praised for his bravery. While he probably wouldn’t have faced immediate consequences had he been caught, being the undercover agent in a mosque where “murder the Queen, overthrow the government, spill blood” was the word of the day, is definitely risky business.

Last year, before the infiltration by “Qassim,” Imam Hussain had posted a “chilling message” about the Caliphate, the world order that groups like ISIS are fighting for. This isn’t just the killing of westerners or Christians, it includes the killing of Muslims who they don’t believe are following the rules properly.

So far, the Imam has denied the two charges of encouraging support for ISIS and the six charges of encouraging his group to commit acts of terrorism.

Tommy Robinson, the English rabble rouser who campaigns for British interests and against Islam, often writes about the way that Muslims view the non-Islamic world, saying that since we live in Dar Al-Harb, rules of conduct are different and it is okay to lie to non-Muslims in order to advance the cause of Islam.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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