YES! Muslim Man CALLS OUT Islamic Community For Breeding Extremists!

YES! Muslim Man CALLS OUT Islamic Community For Breeding Extremists!

There are some Muslims out there willing to call out the extremists in their midst. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is one of those brave souls calling for reform from within Islam. Now we have another… Tam Kahn, an MMA fighter and trainer, who took to Facebook to do just that. And for doing the right thing, he was naturally banned from Facebook. But not before his message was captured by others.

Don’t misunderstand me. I may admire those fighting from within, but I still think Islam is a fundamentally ‘broken’ religion. You can’t change your holy doctrine, which is the basic problem with their religion. But they are trying and for that they should be given a voice, not silence.

Fitness trainer Tam Khan instagram image

Fitness trainer Tam Khan Instagram image

From Louder with Crowder:

In an epic rant he wrote: “I feel more Muslims need to start cleaning up our society.

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“We are lucky to be able to have so many mosques in England, able to have free speech but don’t take the p***.

“If you don’t like what you see it’s simple, LEAVE!”

He went on: “We need to clean our society up and start being more active in mosques and Muslim ‘areas’.

“Educate them, flag the authorities if you see individuals act strange or become illusive, any dodgy behaviour go flag these people.

“The end of the day it’s your country also so you need to protect is just as much.”

Now, given… Khan went a step too far in his rhetoric… but he was addressing fellow Muslims. That’s doesn’t make it any less cringe-worthy. He slammed British Islamic extremists as “uneducated monkeys.” He has urged all Muslims living in Britain to “respect” the country’s culture and traditions – and says anyone who doesn’t should be thrown out. Hard to disagree with that last point.

From The Sun:

“We need to fix this epidemic of inbreds from doing these despicable crimes,” he told his 6,000 Facebook followers.

“Sorry I don’t care if you think I’m being harsh.

“Islam is a beautiful religion, but these uneducated monkeys misinterpret things and feel they are acting on God’s behalf and it’s only getting worse.”

Days after the furious post gathered 148,000 likes and 126,000 shares, Facebook waded into the debate by deleting Mr Khan’s social media account.

But it was quickly restored after Facebook claiming the action was a “mistake”.

Khan is a legendary fighter. He says he has never suffered from racism or Islamophobia… I believe that since being Muslim himself, that would be hard to do. But he felt he had to say what needed to be said to Muslims out there who “milk the benefit system, free education and health services – yet complain”. He urged Muslim leaders to educate their community and “fix this s**t” after noticing a change in attitude between his British and Muslim friends over the past decade. “We do have a problem with our community and so-called ‘Muslim’ brothers,” he states. Yes, you do.

He should be applauded for speaking out, but it’s going to take a whole lot more than Facebook posts to cut it here and fast. Khan should make Muslims take note – he’s big enough to rip your arms off and stuff them down your throat with one hand. Just sayin’.

One more parting quote:

He ended by saying that these “idiots” are giving all Muslims a bad name – but added: “We are just as much to blame for letting these idiots do these things as they are for sitting quiet. If we don’t it won’t stop only get worse.”

“Stop becoming militants and extremists.

“Pray, do good, give charity, be good to your family and elders, contribute to your community, help the place prosper.”

Amen to that. Let’s hope there are those that have eyes to see and ears to listen to Khan.




Fitness trainer Tam Khan instagram image

Fitness trainer Tam Khan instagram image


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