“Religion of Peace” Cheers Deadly Fire in Israel

by Jane Jamison | December 5, 2010 1:13 pm

[1]Is this the chaos, the death by 1,000 cuts,[2] “Operation Hemorrhage”[3] as threatened just last week by Al Qaeda?

(Read “Inspire” magazine by Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula article about Death by 1,000 Cuts, Operation Hemorrhage–safe link by Public Intelligence.net) [4]

As of Sunday morning the fire is being declared “under control.” The huge forest blaze is now being called “Israel’s 9/11.” At least 41 people are now dead (most of them prison guards burned alive on a bus as they went to fight the fire) more than 17, 000 evacuated, 12,500 acres burned, five million trees destroyed.

(Read the latest report from Israel here.)[5]

Though two teenagers have been arrested for “negligence,”:  fires have been set in at least 17 different locations, so terrorism by arson is being assumed. (see earlier report on arson suspects seen using wigs and firebombs)[6]

Dramatic time-lapse photography of the fire.


The world is sending firefighting planes, equipment and personnel to help Israel — all the world except for the Muslim world. The so-called “Religion of Peace” is happy this has happened, and is no doubt responsible for the “lone wolves” who have set these fire. Islamists are writing horrible, cruel comments in newspapers and websites. Here are just a few:

Jerusalem Post:[8]

Many in the Arab[9] world seem to be happy with the big fire that has been raging in northern Israel[10] over the past few days.

Judging from comments of readers in response to the blaze in several leading Arab media outlets and websites, a majority believe that God is “punishing” Israel for occupying Arab lands and killing Palestinians, especially during Operation cast Lead in the Gaza Strip.

Many Arabs also strongly condemned Egypt and Jordan for agreeing to help in extinguishing the blaze.

Others called on Israel’s enemies, particularly Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah to seize the opportunity and try to wipe Israel off the face of earth. Only a few readers and viewers expressed sympathy with Israel over the tragedy and the loss of many lives.

Following is a sample of the comments that appeared in the past few days in the Arab media:

“May Allah punish all Arabs who helped put down the fire. We pray to Allah that the fire will grow and spread to oil wells in the Arab world.”

“O’ Allah, burn them [Jews] before the Day of Judgement. O’ Allah, destroy them and all the enemies of Islam.”

“May Allah take revenge against them and displace them together with our corrupt [Arab] governments.”

“This is the right time for Iran. If one fire has caused panic in the Zionist entity, where are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad[11] and Hassan Nasrallah? And where is Syria? One rocket could set thousands of fires.”

“Allah gives time, but never neglects. The Israelis are being punished for their deeds. We hope their end is nearing.”

“Sounds strange that Arabs are sending aid to our enemies. Allah is punishing the Jews by making with the fire. No military force or US veto can stop the fire.”

“Thank God for this new Holocaust and shame on the Egyptian authorities who rushed to save the Zionists while continuing to lay siege against our brothers in the Gaza Strip.”

“Thank God for burning the Jews the same way they burned our Muslim brothers in Palestine.”

“To Hizbullah, Hamas and all Arabs: this is a golden opportunity to get rid of Israel. The sea and fire are in front of the Jews and weapons are behind them.”

“This fire is the result of prayers from our prisoners held in occupation jails. The fire of Hell will be even stronger. May those Arabs who are helping the Jews burn with them in Hell.”

“Allahu Akbar! This is an effective weapon. We call on our Palestinian brothers to set fire to all forests.”

“How many prisoners did the wardens torture? Allah has answered the prayers of the oppressed.”

Other articles on the Israel fire from Jerusalem Post:

Police allow some fire evacuees to return home[12]
Analysis: Heroism, resilience… and gnawing questions[13]

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