Nasty Actress Sees Picture Of Ivanka With Her Son – IMMEDIATELY Lashes Out With VILE Attack

Nasty Actress Sees Picture Of Ivanka With Her Son – IMMEDIATELY Lashes Out With VILE Attack

So, who’s had enough of the whining and bigotry coming out of Hollywood after this last election? I can assure you, I have both arms and feet up in the air, as many of you do as well. These out of touch celebrities are the bane of our existence. They continually say one thing and do another. The standards applied to the right are not applied to themselves and you are an evil, racist, misogynistic, scumbag if you try to state the facts that prove otherwise.

Now, not all lefties are crazy radicals…But this one in this case is!

It would seem that the old days of demonizing the President are back in fashion for the left and a phenomena among celebrities today is focusing attacks on the family.

In this recent incident, comedian and Broad City star Ilana Glazer, slammed Ivanka Trump on Twitter Tuesday for a photo that she’d posted on her Twitter account, holding her son while speaking on the phone.

And here is what this psycho tweeted:

Thankful some honest and fair Tweeters responded to Glazer that, herself being unmarried and having no children, was being too unpleasant, seeing that the president’s daughter has long been a champion of women’s rights in the workplace and has pushed for childcare tax credits and expanded maternity leave, which by the way – ARE ALL DEMOCRATIC ISSUES!!!

Oh yeah, she and her husband are also registered Democrats, so yeah…

And here’s another one…

And one more…

Glazer, 29, is not new to the ‘Hater’ game and used Twitter to sound off on Ivanka Trump last week when she was so very pleased in the fact Nordstrom was dropping Ivanka’s line of merchandise.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also this tweet on Betsy DeVos being confirmed as Education Secretary.

This woman is bitter, crazy and a complete hypocrite. Plain and simple. We have wasted enough time and energy on her.

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