Outrage After Ivanka Trump Seen Wearing THIS Last Night… [PHOTOS]

Outrage After Ivanka Trump Seen Wearing THIS Last Night… [PHOTOS]

It’s been a long time since beautiful women were at the center of the White House… eight years to be precise… but the Trump women have it in spades. Elegant, lovely and poised, Ivanka and Melania swept into the Joint Meeting of Congress last night and they were breathtaking. Melania wore a stunning black sequinned Michael Kors suit that was just incredible – it cost somewhere around $9,600. But Ivanka was even more dazzling in an off the shoulder deep fuchsia gown from French designer Roland Mouret Rawlings that cost about $3,000. And as people marveled at the beauty before them, leftists went into an absolute rage over it.

It wasn’t just petty jealousy… although that was surely a big part of it. They claimed that Ivanka is a hypocrite for not wearing American made clothing, because her father is promoting American jobs, etc. Oh, get over it already and just put a sock in it. I’m sure that designers from all over the world are lining up to have Ivanka and Melania wear their designs. They are models… perfect examples of feminine beauty and clothes horses. President Trump has never said don’t buy anything foreign by the way. He just promotes America first.


From the Daily Mail:

She may not have had a big role in her father’s first joint address to Congress on Tuesday, but Ivanka Trump still managed to steal the show in a stunning off the shoulder gown.

The $3,000 fuchsia dress was quite the transformation from the red, business-like pantsuit she sported earlier today as she and Melania attended a pro-women bill-signing ceremony at the White House.

Both the first lady and the first daughter dressed to the nines for Donald Trump’s speech, with Melania sporting a sequinned, black Michael Kors suit, and Ivanka wearing an off the shoulder dress from French designer Roland Mouret Rawlings.

Shortly before she attended the event, Ivanka posted a picture of herself and her husband Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president.

‘Getting ready to leave The White House with @realdonaldtrump as he prepares to address Congress #JointSession,’ she wrote as the caption on the image.

Her gown flies in the face of her father’s message to ‘buy American, hire American’ at Congress.

It also sparked controversy on social media where some questioned whether a ‘cocktail dress’ was suitable for such an important occasion.

Then the left whined that the dress was inappropriate – that it was a cocktail dress not suited for Trump’s speech before Congress. I think it was a fabulous pick. The Democrats hate how beautiful the Trump women are and are catty when it comes to anything to do with them. They just can’t help themselves. They are that petty.

Anything that Ivanka or Melania wear is going to be stunning. They can’t help it and they shouldn’t have to. And it did not look like a prom dress. What a bunch of jerks these people are. What makes it even worse for the left is these two women are brilliant in their own right and independent. So, be mean and derisive all you want. They don’t care that you feel that way about them. History will show a different side to all this some day. I loved the outfits and Ivanka did her father proud last night.


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