BRACE FOR IMPACT! AG Sessions Might Appoint OUTSIDE Counsel For To Investigate Obama’s….

by Alexandria Willis | March 11, 2017 1:25 am


Questions have been circulating about some of the actions taken by President Barack Obama and the legality of them. While many feel like he shouldn’t be investigated, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not about to let things slide. He is shaping up to be a successful pick from President Donald Trump. He spoke out about his choice to investigate recently.

Young Conservatives[2] explains:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not opposed to appointing an outside counsel to investigate the many scandals of President Obama’s Department of Justice and IRS.

In a conversation with radio host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday, Sessions left the door open for a special counsel to take the lead on the investigation into these Obama-era scandals.

“Well I’m going to do everything I possibly can to restore the independence and professionalism of the Department of Justice,” Sessions said. “So we’ll have to consider whether or not some outside counsel is needed. Generally, a good review of that internally is the first step before any such decision is made.”

Jeff Sessions is going to stand up for the rights of the American people.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions[3]

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