5 Ways Liberal Race Hustling Is Bad For America

by John Hawkins | May 31, 2014 1:04 am

Calling someone a “racist” used to mean that a person disliked certain people because of their skin color.

Al Sharpton[1]

Today, MOST OF THE TIME, it means something entirely different.

Now, if someone is better and smarter than a liberal, a liberal cries “white privilege.”

If a liberal is failing and he doesn’t know what to do about it, he yells “racism.”

If a liberal doesn’t know how to counter your argument, he calls it “racist.”

If liberal can’t counter your political argument, he screams out “bigot.”

So, if you’re conservative, it’s almost a backwards compliment at this point. “You’re just too good for me and this is the only way I know how to deal with it!”

Of course, it’s still irritating to be falsely accused of racism. Additionally, it does a lot of real damage to the country that’s just shrugged off and brushed aside by the shameless, selfish people who view crying “racism” as nothing more than a big political game.

1) It creates a victim mentality that turns people into losers: If you’re Hispanic or black and you really believe all the liberals who say America is hopelessly racist, why work hard, go to school, and try to get ahead? How are you going to make it in a society that’s 63.3% white, if all those white people are going to hate you for the color of your skin no matter what you say or do? How many black and Hispanic Americans have given up on making a good life for themselves and have settled for a mediocre life of dependency because they falsely believe that life in America is stacked against them?

2) It does more to promote real racism than the KKK: Most people, after being convinced that someone hates them, detest them back. If you’re black and you believe most white people are no different than George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Robert Byrd, why wouldn’t you be racist? If most black Americans were actually hateful, anti-white mooches like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who could blame white people for being racists? Liberals spend a lot of time trying to turn people against each other based on the color of their skin and they undoubtedly create racism in the process.

3) It has led to both political parties treating minority voters like an afterthought: Democrats get roughly 90% of the black vote and 70% of the Hispanic vote. In return for that incredible loyalty from important constituent groups, they call Republicans racist non-stop. Republicans respond to that by incessantly trying to prove that we’re not racist. What this means is that ultimately, neither party does anything of significance for minorities. Democrats feel like they have minority voters in the bag and Republicans feel like they will be branded as racists no matter what they do; so what motivation does any politician have to actually try to make the lives of their minority constituents better?

4) It takes the focus off of our real problems: Even if you think racism in America is a serious problem, it’s still small potatoes compared to the other challenges we face as a people. It doesn’t matter what color you’re talking about, how much of an impact does racism make versus jobs, crime, or out-of-wedlock births? Yet, we hear about racism incessantly because Democrats believe it helps them at the polls. Maybe it does. But, does it ever make anybody’s life better? Does it make any neighborhoods safer? Does it put people to work? Does it keep families together? Is there ever a point when the big issues impacting people’s lives get addressed or twenty years from now, is everyone still going to be mired in the same place, yelling at each other over the next “Trayvon” or “Donald Sterling?”

5) It creates the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” effect:One of the problems with crying “racism” every time someone criticizes Obama, knocks the Democrat Party, or just doesn’t do whatever liberals want him to do is that it masks real racism. Because of talentless wastes of space like Toure and Eugene Robinson whose whole careers revolve around pretending the world hasn’t changed since the sixties, minorities who are really discriminated against because of their skin color often have to overcome deep skepticism about their motives after they’ve been wronged. Just as false cries of “rape” hurt women, false cries of “racism” hurt minorities in this country.

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