Speaking At The “We ✄♥ Lindsey Graham Policies Tour”

by John Hawkins | July 31, 2013 3:55 am

Western Representation PAC[1] is sponsoring the We ✄♥ Lindsey Graham Policies Tour[2] across South Carolina.

~~~~~Monday July 29th~~~~~
*10:30 – Presser in *****Aiken, SC***** (Aiken City Council Building: 214 Park Ave SW,rear entrance via The Alley)
*5:00 PM-Presser in ***Charleston, SC*** (DIG in the Park 1049 E Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405)

~~~~~~Tuesday July 30th~~~~~
*10:30 AM — Presser in ***Myrtle Beach/Conway, SC**** (Rotelli’s: 201 Graduate Rd Conway, SC)
*6:00 PM — Presser in ******Columbia, SC****** (Capitol ground floor)

~~~~~Wednesday, July 31st~~~~~
*10:30 AM — Presser in *****Spartanburg, SC*****(The Beacon 255 John B. White Boulevard, Spartanburg SC)

I spoke at the Charleston and Myrtle Beach press conferences. The picture is from the Charleston event and the video is from the Myrtle Beach presser.

John Hawkins[3]

This is my speech from the Myrtle Beach presser.

Here’s Richard Cash[4], who’s the only declared candidate in the race. He spoke at both events. Nancy Mace was also supposed to attend the Charleston presser, but she was under the weather.

Richard Cash[5]

A few posters/signs from the events.

Lindsey Graham[6]

Lindsey Graham 2[7]

Lindsey Graham 3[8]

Western Representation PAC’s[9] Jay Batman (Yes, really) is interviewed by a reporter at the Myrtle Beach event.

Jay Batman[10]

2014 is going to be the year that we FINALLY get rid of Lindsey Graham and it can’t come a moment too soon!

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