NASTY HYPOCRITE! Guess What Celebrity Just Talked About Killing Kellyanne Conway In A Microwave?

NASTY HYPOCRITE! Guess What Celebrity Just Talked About Killing Kellyanne Conway In A Microwave?

WOW! The ONE woman who swears up and down and says she is an advocate for women’s rights and against their mistreatment, just became the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE of them all!

Not only did she speak in opposition to what she claims to stand for, she also spoke like a complete monster… total dirt bag.

Chelsea freaking Handler was just making headlines after she mocked Melania Trump for in her words: ‘not being able to speak English’, and apparently that wasn’t enough stupid coming out of her mouth, because she’s done it again and this time…worse than the last.

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Who thought it possible?

Apparently, it’s not approved by her to be an immigrant unless you’re a liberal. She forgets real quick that Melania can speak 5 different languages and I’d even go as far to say that Melania speaks English FAR better than Handler. Handler’s English is just far more trashy than that of Melania’s. Hands down.

I guess we can’t be too harsh on Chelsea…I mean, it’s wrong to be offended by a mentally ill person. So, we should let it go.

But..not before you hear what she’s done now…

Yep, Chelsea Handler straight up joked about nuking President Donald Trump’s adviser, Kellyanne Conway, in a microwave.

Someone please flush this douchebag down a toilet. Please? She’s stinking up the place with the crude, hypocritical crap that keeps coming out of her mouth.

At this point, she needs to just go slap herself because she is way out of line and she needs to know it’s not okay.

You saw her twitter handle…you know what to do.


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