Building Owner Sued by Vandals for Whitewashing Their Graffiti

Count on New York City to demonstrate how crazy things can get when property rights are no longer respected:

Nine graffiti artists who spray painted creations across the world-renowned 5Pointz building filed a lawsuit Friday in Brooklyn federal court, seeking unspecified damages from the owner who whitewashed away their artwork.

The plaintiffs — well-known taggers from New York, London and elsewhere — said developer Jerry Wolkoff broke the law by covering up the graffiti mecca without giving them time to retrieve their work.

The aerosol artists say they are owed substantial cash damages because Wolkoff painted over their al fresco works.

In 2013, members of the 5Pointz nonprofit sued to try and stop Wolkoff from tearing down the buildings to construct new development.

They lost that battle, but Brooklyn Federal Judge Frederic Block noted in his ruling that they could be owed damages if their graffiti works qualified for “recognized stature.”

Such works are protected under the U.S. Visual Artists Rights Acts.

We are ruled by lunatics.

Screeches lawyer Eric Baum, who filed the suit:

“This case is not only brought on behalf of plaintiffs, but it sends a message to everyone that the unlawful destruction of artwork will not be tolerated. If anyone violates federal law under the Visual Rights Act, they must be held accountable.”

Under liberal rule, if some punk defaces your property with spray paint, you could be punished for cleaning up the mess.

Appropriate: Looks like the lawless hooligan Alex from A Clockwork Orange.

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