Conservative Coalition Works To Ban Sharia Law In Any American Courtroom

Very, very smart move. This sounds like an alliance that I could really get behind and support. No foreign laws should ever be observed in any American courtroom – period. Sharia Law has no place in the United States and needs to be stomped out of existence wherever it is found. It is invasive and pernicious… we observe American law and Constitutional law… not theocratic law. I’m all for banning Sharia Law. It’s a brilliant idea whose time has come in a big way here in the states. This should go nationwide and in a hurry.

From Western Journalism:

Just weeks after reports were confirmed regarding the establishment of an Islamic tribunal – the first in the nation – in Texas, a group of conservative activists announced the creation of an alliance existing solely to ban any form of foreign law from being observed in an American courtroom. Though the effort takes aim at any law practiced outside of the U.S. system, the obvious focus of the organization is apparent in its website name: Ban Sharia Law.

Radio host Don Smith is working with the group, which he told Western Journalism was started by Tim Selaty – the driving force behind Tea Party Community, a right-wing alternative to Facebook. A number of other prominent conservatives have joined the coalition, he explained; and anyone interested in preserving American law is encouraged to show their support.

In addition to becoming a coalition partner and signing an online petition, supporters are encouraged to upload images of themselves holding signs that call for Sharia Law to be banned across the nation.

An interactive map provides a quick look at which states have proposed or passed anti-Sharia – or, more specifically, anti-foreign law – legislation. On its website, the group explains why the distinction is important.

“Although we believe Sharia law is currently posing the biggest threat to infiltrating our legal system,” the notice states, “most of the states who’ve successfully passed legislation didn’t actually mention Sharia law directly. This was intentional to squash the counter efforts by organizations like the Council on America-Islamic Relations…. The successful legislation was crafted towards the restriction of all foreign/international law.”

The site includes links to “graphic stories and disturbing videos” of Sharia law’s impact on society – both at home and abroad – and calls on anyone opposed to the implementation of this form of justice within U.S. borders to join the mission to prevent it.

Figures the Tea Party would be behind this… they are active, sane patriots willing to actually ‘do’ something. It was also smart to not directly mention Sharia Law because of CAIR and other manipulative Islamic groups that are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood here in the United States. Sharia Law is barbaric. Actions such as cutting off hands for theft and stoning adulterers are big on the agenda for practitioners. Beheadings and executions are the norm. Women are not even considered human. That’s not America – just say no to Sharia Law.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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