Judge Jose Longoria Needs A Spanking

by John Hawkins | June 21, 2011 12:20 pm

Liberalism is a virus that sickens and perverts everything it touches, including our legal system. Liberals have corrupted the justice system in America by filling it with tin gods in black robes who’ve replaced the law with their own personal beliefs. They’re arrogant, they care nothing about the law or the Constitution, and they produce rulings like this one[1].

The spanking debate is back, after a Texas woman was sentenced to five years of probation, under a plea agreement for swatting her 2-year-old on the behind. Rosalina Gonzales of Corpus Christi was also fined $50 and ordered to attend parenting classes. Gonzales lost custody of her kids in December, and she won’t get them back until the court deems her capable. “In the old days, maybe we got spanked,” Judge Jose Longoria told Gonzales. But “you don’t spank children today.”

Jose Longoria obviously doesn’t understand his job.

He’s not God. He’s not that child’s parent. He’s not even a member of the legislature of Texas, which conceivably could outlaw spanking if they saw fit, as long as they were willing to pay the price at the ballot box.

No, Jose Longoria is just a man who doesn’t like spanking. That’s fine. What’s not fine is abusing his position as a judge to enforce his own personal beliefs on other people. His sentence is every bit as ridiculous as a judge ruling a parent to be unfit for showing their child Al Gore’s “Earth in Balance.”

Rosalina Gonzales? She deserves to be pardoned and Jose Longoria? He doesn’t belong on the bench.

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