JUST IN: Special Counsel Mueller Tells Manafort He Will Be Indicted [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | September 19, 2017 1:32 am

The media continues to push the narrative that Trump was in cahoots with Russia during the election. So far, they’re accusations have fallen flat and maybe the reason is because they have been going after Trump personally, wanting so badly to get him removed from office. It’s just not going to happen.


But there is someone who can take the fall and it’s looking like there is a strong case built against him. Special investigator Mueller and his team have been digging hard into Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair and his alleged dealings with Russia. It now looks as if they have gathered enough to indict the man.

Mueller himself had spoken with the former Trump campaign chair, indicating to him that an indictment was on its way.

The real trouble all started for Manafort while he was still snoozing away in bed, one early morning back in July. He was fast asleep when federal agents serving a search warrant actually used lock picks to open his front door and started to raid his home located in Virginia. Everything was fair game to the agents, they ended up taking binders full of papers, as well as computer files in which they had made copies from off his PC. They really dug into the guy, even taking photo ‘evidence’ of his expensive suits, according to one source.


Whether this has anything to do with the President being involved, it is not totally clear, but if something was connecting the President with Manafort’s questionable personal finances – the assumed reason for the raid – the media would have been all over it. Yet, they have been silent for the first time on the matter for the most part.

What Manafort is looking at are violations of tax laws, including money-laundering prohibitions and requirements to divulge foreign lobbying. General Michael Flynn, a Democrat mind you, and the former national security adviser, may have also had a hand in foreign lobbying and also that much publicized meeting with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, which is what got him canned in the first place for not divulging it. Somehow, Flynn’s siblings have got involved with the man’s legal trouble and have declared that they will be creating a legal-defense fund to help the guy with what will be a sizable amount of money for his legals fees.

Someone’s going to prison, maybe two people are, but really, it’s all separate from the President so far. He was really bad at choosing people to represent his campaign and administration – but still, he has not done anything wrong as far as Russians go.


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