Manhunt In Britain For A Man Who Made Derogatory Slurs About Islam

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | January 30, 2015 2:26 pm

Is it just me[1], or does the perp look like Bill Maher? The horror! Monster! Imagine speaking out against the Prophet and the Religion of Pieces. They’ll be coming for me any day now. So, now it’s a crime to mutter something against Islam in Britain? If so, Britain is lost. It also says a lot about people ratting on one another to Big Brother. I guess this Asian man felt it was his fascist duty to turn another in for muttering something that he considered an insult to Islam. Shariah anyone?

From Telegraph & Argus[2]:

POLICE wish to speak to this man (right) after derogatory comments about Islam were made on a bus.

The incident, described as a public order offence by police, allegedly happened on the 576 Halifax to Bradford bus, between 10pm and 10.20pm on Thursday, January 8.

The man is said to have got on the bus and sat directly behind an Asian man, before muttering his comments.

The suspect is described as white, aged 40 to 50, about 5ft 8ins tall, and was wearing a black woolly hat and black jacket that may have had a bit of red on it.

You know, the whole country of Britain could soon become a giant No-Go Zone where only Muslims, or those infidels who pay the Jizya tax, dare travel. Perhaps they will start beheading Kufars in Trafalgar Square[3]. It wouldn’t surprise me to find the royals these days on prayer rugs, prostrated before their new God. Great sections of Britain are now owned by those in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. When speaking your mind and telling the truth becomes a crime, can burqas and the call to prayer ringing out coast to coast be far behind? Britain, I knew you when…

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