Mannish Woman Kicked Out of Ladies Room, Sues

by Dave Blount | June 17, 2015 3:26 pm

At this point only those with vestigial traces of morals have any excuse not to join in the looting spree. Climbing aboard the litigation gravy train is as easy as this:

A Detroit woman is suing a popular Greektown restaurant after she says she was mistaken for a man and kicked out of the place.

Cortney Bogorad has lived in Detroit all her life and has eaten and Fishbones multiple times. But, she hasn’t returned since the January 23rd incident, when, she says, she was kicked out of the restaurant’s women’s bathroom – accused of being a man.

Bogorad says she went to use the restroom and a security worker yelled from outside for whatever man is in the restroom to come out now.

“As I came out of the stall, this gentleman – who was a security guard – came in the bathroom, and before I was even completely out of the bathroom he grabbed me by the arms and pushed me up against the wall, told me that boys aren’t allowed in this restroom,” she says. “This could have happened to anybody.”

Or at least, anybody disguised as a member of the opposite sex. Presenting the less than ladylike Miss Bogorad:


Although she has made herself look like a longshoreman, Miss Bogorad can be quite sensitive for a price. She is looting the restaurant for violating her civil rights and causing emotional distress.

The effects of this lunacy will go beyond looted businesses being forced to jack up their prices or go under. Ladies rooms will no longer be safe from male intrusion, because people will be afraid to thrown anyone out lest they get sued.

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