Muslim Maniac Granted British Asylum After Killing Child

It will take more than Muslims repeatedly attempting to blow up airliners full of innocent Westerners to put an end to the multicultural moonbattery we’ve been using to slit our own throats. The latest outrage from Britainistan:

An asylum seeker who ran over a girl of 12 and left her to die has won his appeal to stay in the UK after arguing for his right to a family life.

As for the right to a family life or any kind of life for the girl he killed, that must be seen in the larger historical context of ethnocentric colonial racist insensitivity. But Aso Mohammed Ibrahim did serve 4 whole months for the hit and run homicide.

Third World colonists will be pleased to learn that they needn’t rush when it comes to planting anchor babies. Ibrahim didn’t lay his down until after he had established himself as a criminal and even killed an innocent girl, but it was still fast enough in a country run by liberal weenies.

Just weeks before knocking down Amy outside her home in November 2003, Ibrahim had been banned for nine months for driving while disqualified and without insurance or a licence.

Amy … was trapped beneath the car but Ibrahim got out and ran off. A police officer drove her in an ambulance so both its paramedics could treat her, but despite their efforts she died in hospital later that day.

Ibrahim later went to a police station and confessed.

But after serving his sentence for failing to stop after an accident he met a British woman, Christina Richardson. They claim they had an Islamic marriage ceremony in Birmingham, but there is no documentary proof.

They now have two children, Harry, three, and Zara, two.

In 2006, Ibrahim was again convicted of driving while disqualified and given a two-year supervision order and a three-year driving ban.

Nonetheless, it has now been decided that he has a right to stay in Britain so that he can enjoy his family life under the surreal European Human Rights Act.

Why would the country’s liberal rulers make such a demented decision? They’re not telling the peasants.

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal said the reasons behind the judgment would not be made public.

It’s almost as if Britain’s quisling rulers want to displace the native population with unassimilable Third World hordes. Strike that: it’s exactly as if Britain’s quisling rulers want to displace the native population with unassimilable Third World hordes.

On a tip from Lee. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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