North Carolina: Gunman Kills One Student, Wounds Another and Is Still On the Run

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | November 1, 2015 3:41 pm

Two students were shot early this morning[1] at Winston-Salem State University. One is dead and one was wounded. The gunman, who is believed to not be a student, is still at large. This happened at approximately 1:20 am and the campus has now been cleared. The shooting took place near the dormitories on campus. The wounded student has now been released from the hospital, so I’m not sure just how serious his wounds really were. This shooting happens the day after four died in Colorado Springs, where a psychotic jerk gunned down three people and then the police obligingly helped him depart this reality. At first in North Carolina, they said Jarrett Jerome Moore was the suspect. Now, they seem to be trying to walk that back. Whoever it is, I hope they catch him and fast.

Anthony White1[2]

From The Daily Mail:

A gunman is on the loose in North Carolina after a student was shot dead and another seriously wounded in a shooting on a university campus.

Jarrett Jerome Moore is suspected of shooting Anthony White, a 19-year-old sophomore, and an unidentified female student at Winston-Salem State University at around 1.30am on Sunday.

He remains undetected despite a three-hours lock down being lifted at 5am, and widespread police searches since.
Visitors to the campus are urged to be cautious and stay away from restricted areas.

According to WFMY[3], Moore is not believed to be a student.

‘The campus has been cleared; the gunman has not been apprehended,’ campus police spokesman Aaron Singleton told reporters at 5am.

His words came after the school tweeted declaring the all-clear.

Earlier in the night, the WSSU Twitter account issued messages warning students and others in the area to take shelter.

WSSU, a historically black college, is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, which is 80 miles north east of Charlotte.

Anyone with information connected to the case should call Winston-Salem Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800.

Anthony was studying IT. He was a great football player, but chose his studies instead because the schedule wouldn’t allow for both. White worked during holiday and summer breaks from college with his uncle’s landscaping business or doing handyman jobs, his mother said. She has no idea whether he went to a Halloween party or not that night. It was also Homecoming weekend. He sounds like he was a good kid and it is hard to imagine why this happened. There are a lot of evil people roaming around out there… this one took an IT student’s life and took off. Maybe we’ll get lucky and someone will turn the murderer in. It won’t bring Anthony back, but maybe justice will be served.

Anthony White2[6]

Anthony White3[7]

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