The Trap The Left Has Created For Itself With Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street protesters did have one brilliant idea that set them apart from most, but not all other protesters (Think Cindy Sheehan): They made it a “long term” protest.

After their first day of protesting, it looked like a failure. However, when people heard the protest was still going a couple of weeks later, it caught people’s attention and started picking up steam.

As the protests drew more attention, big name left-wingers and liberal politicians, including Barack Obama, began to associate themselves with the protest.

However, there’s a problem here for the protesters and the politicians associating themselves with the protests that they haven’t anticipated.

You see, there are no demands on the table and perhaps more importantly, there’s no end date for it.

So, you have people, including anarchists, communists, and wannnabe revolutionaries who are spending weeks of their time camping out so they can achieve….well, it’s different for everyone, isn’t it?

What happens as time goes by and nothing happens? We don’t convert to communism, the banks shrug off the protesters, no new legislation is passed, and it doesn’t turn into an “Arab Spring” in America?

In other words, these protesters are going to put weeks or in some cases, even MONTHS of their lives into these protests in hopes of making a big splash and it’s not going to change anything. Moreover, over time the locals in the cities where these protests are being held are going to become more and more annoyed while the media is going to become increasingly jaded.

That will lead to the protesters acting out, in part because they’re frustrated that they’re not accomplishing anything and in part, to get more attention.

So, you’ll see more extreme statements. You’ll see more arrests. You’ll see more violence and vandalism.

As that happens, the American public will become more and more disenchanted with Occupy Wall Street — and likely voters (as opposed to polls of adults that lean to the Left) ALREADY don’t like the protests.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of the nation’s Likely Voters have a favorable opinion of the Occupy Wall Street protesters while 41% offer an unfavorable opinion.

That number is going nowhere but down. So, let the Democrats go ahead and talk up the protesters.

It’s their political funeral.

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