Anti-Trump Protester Goes BERSERK On Black CNN Reporter About Post Election Protests

by Cassy Fiano | November 10, 2016 10:55 am

Liberals are coming up with all kinds of reasons to lose their minds, now that Hillary Clinton has officially lost. To hear them talk, the world is officially going to end. Obamacare will be repealed, Planned Parenthood will be defunded and it’s devastating for them to see all of the “progress” made during the Obama administration potentially be wiped away. But one anti-Trump protester may have taken it a little too far[1]…

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)[2]

(Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Liberals are protesting across the country. In Chicago, thousands turned up at Trump Tower:

Reporters were on hand to interview protesters. One of them was the aforementioned anti-Trump protester. While he denounced the protesters who were vandalizing property, burning flags and blocking traffic, he also said something pretty stupid to the CNN reporter:

I need Hillary to stand up right now and walk in and sue the United States of America.

And say back when black people couldn’t vote, right? How many years ago, your vote would have been 1/3rd. Guess what? Today it still is. Today right now it still is.

The reporter, for his part, pushed back and pointed out that Trump won “fair and square.” But the crazy protester wasn’t hearing it and continued to insist that black Americans don’t get an equal vote, in front of a black American.

Well, that was awkward.

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