Berkeley Signs UN Treaties

by Dave Blount | September 30, 2009 2:18 pm

Unwilling to wait for the kakistocracy in DC to drag the entire country down to its level on unhinged moonbattery, Berkeley is signing United Nations treaties[1] as if it were a sovereign country:

Berkeley became the first city in the United States, and possibly the world, to agree to international human rights treaties on Tuesday night, after the City Council approved a measure usually reserved for countries.

After a brief but spirited debate, the City Council voted unanimously to allow unpaid interns to report to the United Nations on how, or whether, Berkeley complies with treaties on civil liberties, racial discrimination and torture.

Uh oh, Berserkeley may be in for a sternly worded letter of reprimand from the UN:

The treaties contain high standards, and it is possible Berkeley does not meet those standards, backers of the plan said.

They have used as examples Berkeley’s record on homelessness, achievement gaps in the public schools and John Yoo, the author of the Bush administration’s justification for torture who teaches at UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law and lives in Berkeley.

If the goons in blue helmets ever start enforcing their absurd resolutions, Berkeley residents are advised to lock up their children[2] — not that many people in their right minds would try to raise children in the Bay Area[3] anyway these days.

Commenter WarEagle82 at Michelle Malkin[4] has more news from Berkeley:

This just in! The Berkeley City Council, led by the magnificent yet humble Max Anderson, have voted to suspend the law of gravity and have voted that photons must stop behaving as both particles and waves. Gay whale shamans were present to give their blessings.

Film not available due to a sudden darkness that descended over the city after the vote.

Congratulations to Berkeley on its secession from reality.

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